What is Ubuntu?

This dossier is intended for the eyes of the Security Council only.

The prevailing stereotype amongst GTVA citizens is that the Ubuntu Party and the United Earth Federation as a whole are a gang of pampered pacifists raised in a socialist nursery state. This belief is inaccurate, and it fosters a sense of complacency towards the Federation which may undermine our war effort. This misapprehension directly contravenes GTVI's imperative to provide accurate, comprehensive strategic data.

The following report presents the Ubuntu Party and the social structure of the Federation in a neutral, unbiased light, attempting to highlight its positive aspects so that they can be adapted and improved to help prevent a repeat of the past eighteen years' social upheaval. Additionally, we believe it both morally responsible and strategically imperative to understand this society before we alter it.

Once the military phase of our operations in Sol are complete, we will face the task of integrating and governing a population larger than that of the entire GTVA, rousing their society to meet the challenges of perpetual near-extinction. This transition will be difficult, but it is also necessary for human survival. The marginalization of the Ubuntu Party is an uncomfortable necessity, but if the past fifty years have made one thing clear to us, it is that we must never flinch from the exigencies of survival.

We do not believe that the information presented in this dossier will have a positive impact on civilian or military morale. Memetic projections suggest that the appeal of the Ubuntu ideology remains too strong to risk presenting a clear picture of the Federation's history and structure. The Terran population of the Alliance craves an isolated, safe paradise of the type Sol represents.

Dissemination is therefore prohibited under the Deneb Convention.