"From our odyssey into Hell, we return with a gift: the Ancient technology to build a portal between Delta Serpentis and Sol. To restore the link to our blue planet. To return home after all these years."

Admiral Petrarch

"Long had we been the destroyer. Our turn had nearly come. In the Vasudan War, we learned how to adapt. We learned how to study our enemy. We learned how to overcome. We learned how to survive. And so we did."


Nearly twenty years have passed since the destruction of the Capella star. In the space of a single generation, the human race has twice been on the brink of apocalypse.

Throughout history, the universe had tolerated humankind's indiscretion against itself, but it could not forgive Terran and Vasudan transgressions towards each other during the 14-year war and the NTF civil war.

In 2385, a number of humans bore witness to the dark fate that awaited humanity had it continued along the path of sin. For the first time, humanity's path veered away from the abyss, from being a footnote in the history of races destroyed by the Shivans.

First among the countless civilisations that stretched back into infinity, the Human and Vasudan races have been given a second chance.

Blue Planet requires the following:

  • FreeSpace 2 game
  • The latest official FreeSpace Open release builds by the Source Code Production team
  • The latest MediaVPs by the FreeSpace Upgrade team
Instructions on how to obtain these files can be found at the Hard Light Productions FreeSpace 2 community.