It is 2385, fifty years after the appearance of the Shivans at Ross 128 and the beginning of the Great War and eighteen years following the Capella supernova and conclusion of the Second Shivan Incursion. Using Knossos-derived technology, the GTVA have finally completed the construction of a subspace portal, stabilising the subspace corridor linking Delta Serpentis to Sol, the birthplace of the Terrans. After sending numerous probes through the portal, the GTVA decides that the node had indeed stabilised, and proceeds to send in the real ambassadors.

Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius (AoA), released in 2007, introduces the universe, and describes the struggles and adventures of the GTVA's 14th Battlegroup, an elite force of ships sent on a mission to re-establish contact with Earth. As they take a detour through a parallel reality where the Lucifer succeeded in wiping out Earth during the events of the original FreeSpace, one officer gains insight into the greater forces at work in the fabric of the multiverse.

The first part of Blue Planet: War in Heaven (WiH), released in August 2010, details the final weeks of a civil war between the government of Earth and the GTVA after contact was re-established. It focuses on the journey of a young woman torn between the ideals of her upbringing, and the necessities of fighting a war for the survival of the human race.

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